When it comes time to helping an elder family member move into a new home you may have many questions. Do you need to insure their valuables? How is a regular moving company different from specific senior moving services? Will fragile item shipping cost a lot more?

Researching and evaluating moving companies can seem like a huge project. At Craters & Freighters, we understand starting this process is overwhelming so we compiled a Senior Moving Checklist based on our expertise in the shipping industry. Use this as a guide when evaluating senior moving services to make the process quick and easy.

In order to get an accurate quote, compile the following information before you get on the phone:

  1. Get the destination address for the move and any additional destination addresses if items are being shipped to different locations.
  2. If you have any international shipping needs, the company will need to know the destination countries in order to prepare an accurate quote because taxes, tariffs, and fees for shipments can vary greatly between countries.
  3. Have approximate values for high-end items. You will need verification for these values when actually compiling the insurance form, but for initial queries you only need estimated values.

Once you’re connected with a moving company representative ask the following questions:

Do You Have Minimums?

Most standard moving companies will charge you for the whole truck whether you fill it up or not. This may work for you if you have a large household to move, but if you’re helping someone downsize, it may be overkill. Some companies operate with a pound minimum so be sure to ask for help estimating weight if that is the case.

Are There Packing Services Available?

There are many different levels of service available from moving, packing, and shipping companies. They run the gamut from college students stuffing everything indiscriminately into a van to white-glove packing and shipping services. If you would like help packing items (especially valuable or delicate items), choose a company that specializes in professional packing services.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Provide and What Are the Policy Coverages?

Purchasing insurance is a good idea if you are shipping or moving anything valuable or delicate. Be sure to request detailed information about the company’s insurance policies and pricing. At Craters & Freighters, we take insured items back to our warehouse, box them properly, and then ship them to ensure maximum protection.

What is the Damage Claim Procedure?

Insurance is only as good as the claim procedure if something does go wrong. Beware of a company that evades or brushes off this question. And if the process sounds very extensive, you may want to choose another company. Look for a service that will repair or replace for the value stated on the freight bill without a lot of hassle.

Does the Company Provide Any Organization Help?

Packing an entire household and shipping items to different locations can be both confusing and stressful. If you would like to streamline the process, look for a company that provides packing and organization along with actual moving services. High-end senior moving services will help you pack and organize room by room and create itemized manifests that make unpacking much easier.

By asking these questions and knowing what answers to look for, you can easily choose the right company for your estate shipping or moving needs.