Safely shipping medical equipment, lab furniture and surgical supplies is critical in today’s uncertain times. Health professionals at hospitals, urgent care clinics, medical offices and surgical centers rely on the safe and secure transport of these healthcare assets to support their medical providers and staff and to provide patient care.

Shipping Medical Equipment & Devices

Fragile, high-value medical equipment and devices require proper handling and custom packaging to ensure safe transport and successful delivery. Our Craters & Freighters team has packaged and shipped:

  • Lab equipment of all sizes
  • Sensitive Lasers and accessories
  • CT scanners
  • MRI machines
  • X-ray systems and machines
  • Surgical supplies and kits
  • Medical furniture including hospital beds, surgical cabinets, and treatment tables
  • Medications, medical treatments, and sanitation products

We will properly package, crate, and protect your equipment for domestic and international shipments to medical clinics and hospitals. Our services include:

Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Our Craters & Freighters team collects medical devices and equipment, hospital furniture, and supplies from manufacturers, medical clinics, and providers throughout the greater Triad and Triangle areas, parts of Southern Virginia and Eastern North Carolina.

We will also offer same-day, door-to-door deliveries and can coordinate local and regional equipment moves to other medical offices or medical facilities within our areas.

Packaging and Crating Medical Equipment

MRI machines, CT scanners, X-ray systems, and medical lasers are very sensitive and require specialty packaging to ensure a secure shipment and undamaged arrival.

Our team will design and build custom heat-treated wooden crates with bracing and cushioning to stabilize your expensive equipment. Many of our medical equipment crates include shock-absorbent floating bases and dense foam lining.

Need to ship your medical assets overseas via boat? We offer vapor barrier bagging packaging services to protect your items from corrosive sea air and moisture.

Air, Ground and Ocean Shipping

Not only will our Craters & Freighters team package and protect your medical machines and assets, but we’ll also facilitate the shipping.

We will coordinate expedited air and ground shipments as well as manage overseas transport on your behalf. No matter where your medical equipment needs to go, we’ll help you get it there.

Hazmat Shipping

Hazmat shipments require special care and scrutiny. Our certified Hazmat Materials Logistics experts will prepare the proper documentation and determine the appropriate packaging needed to ship dangerous goods safely.

We coordinate domestic ground and air shipments as well as manage the ocean transport of a wide variety of Hazmat materials for our medical and commercial clients.

Medical Equipment Shipping Quotes

Planning to ship medical equipment to another clinic? Need to relocate a sensitive laser machine? Please call us at (919) 662-7283 or request a quote online.